Verified Military
Aug 19, 2019
Dallas, TX
My name is Sgt. Kyle LeClair

I'm 25 years old, born in Vermont.

I've served five years in the United States Marine Corps as of my terminal date which is December 2019. I had great success in the Corps, during my time I was lucky enough to be successful in the conception and fleet implementation of the Aviation Additive Manufacturing Program and respectively the Additive Manufacturing Military Occupational Specialty, working directly with the Pentagon and HQMC was an insightful and rewarding experience. I had the honor of being awarded the Paul G. Vess award, Marine of the Year, amongst others. The Corps built upon and reinforced a foundation of morals and dedication to mission and family (troops) my grandfather Master Sergeant Leo Grenon instilled in me as a child through my young adult years. My time in the Corps has made me an effective and confident leader as well as made the notion, "that it cant be done", a spiritual endeavor to prove the naysayers wrong and accomplish the mission as a way of life.

In my mid to late teens I was a troublemaker (to say the least), at nineteen years old I knew it was time to make a change and become who I believed I always was. I walked into a Navy Recruiting Office and inquired about a NSW contract. Before I entered the office I trained my body, mind, and knowledge. I scoured COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8, DoD Instruction 6130.03, all training doctrine I could muster, hit the pool, ran in -20 degrees (North East), and studied the warrior way of life. My dream was swiftly shut down by the Second Class recruiting at the time and any further inquiry was readjusted to a different MOS to make quota. It was an unprofessional experience that left a bad taste, I debated going out of state and even contacted an out of state recruiter to no avail. Being young and ready to go I walked into a USMC recruiting office and signed the papers the same day, beyond pleased with the professionalism and dedication to get me enlisted I signed what they requested and smiled as I was placed in a "needs of the Corps" position. I no longer regret that decision.

The experience has taught me no matter what the obstacle, mission, or task; like it or not; dedicate the time to be the very best and work harder than anyone else. I never imagined being in my position while I served in the Corps but I walked out as the top devil in my community.

Moving forward, I have come back full circle to recommit and dedicate my efforts to the journey of becoming part of the SF community and serve its mission. My time serving has molded me into the man I currently am, and instilled a skillset and mindset that I believe aligns with the US Army Special Forces.

Over the next year I will be home in Burlington, VT. Attending school full time (GI bill) concentrating on psychology/human behavior as well as mathematics and working part time to facilitate a prime physical training environment (school training facilities are top notch) to prepare for SFAS. This time will also allow me to spend time with aging family and recharge my soul for the journey.

I have many questions but will reframe from utilizing the forum until all resources are exhausted and/or it adds valuable content to the community.

I'm happy to be here!

Sgt. Kyle "CdrCpl" LeClair