1. Roboscout 302

    For SOF candidates: What is your weekly training schedule look like?

    Good Morning guys, I currently have a SEAL challenge contract, scheduled to ship in December & I am wondering what do you SOF candidates do in your weekly routine. Currently this is what my schedule looks like: 1 long interval(fartlek) run & swim / short interval run & swim/ 1 long slow...
  2. O

    How to get your paramedic license in the navy?

    I just DEP'd in for the navy as a HM... on the Navy COOL website it says its possible to get you National Registerd Paramedic license, is this true. (Im in EMT school right now i'll have my certificate in May)
  3. leonrazurado

    .A paper written on Reserve Recon

    Written by Major Brooks. Never met him and never heard of him. There are some interesting points, namely establishing a pipeline for Reconnaissance students, and allowing more funding for training time for reserve units to better prepare for deployments, etc…...
  4. FacFortia

    Open Letter of Gratitude to SS Members

    Dear members of ShadowSpear, Yesterday I received a phone call from my recruiter informing me that operations section had approved my request to move my ship date forward to April and my job request for RECON. Words cannot describe how ecstatic I feel and my excitement to truly begin my...
  5. FacFortia

    USMC DEP/Recruiting Issue

    Members of SS, Recently, I've been having issues with my recruiter. He is well aware of my aspirations to attend BRPC/BRC and become a Recon Marine. For a while, he told me that there were Recon slots open for June 2017 (my original ship date), but a few months ago, he reneged that and told me...


    Howdy y'all, My name is Paul, I'm currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin -- graduating and commissioning in the Spring of 2017. I am studying to receive a B.A. in Government, Pre-Law (International Relations and Security concentration) and a minor in History (Concentration in...
  7. FacFortia

    To Prep or Not to Prep... That is the Question.

    Good morning gentlemen, I've been preparing for boot and BRC since I received approval from my SNCOIC to contract Recon a few months ago. Last night I was looking through a thread where SOF members were telling their stories of how they became badasses in their respective branch, and after...
  8. U

    Introduction for Shadow Spear part 2

    Hello to all, First off i would like to say thank you to all the military member's on this site. My name is Numbnuts, a USMC poolee whose ship date is Feb 15th, 2016. It is an exciting experience for me to be apart of this site for i have been searching through it for the last year to find out...
  9. AKkeith

    Apply Violence Apparel

    Hello to all our Shadowspear Brothers and Sisters, Myself and @ritterk have been longtime members on here and have recently started Apply Violence Apparel. Our passion is to help out our fellow brothers and sisters in the combat veteran and special operations community. Currently we are...
  10. thewannavee

    Basic Reconnaissance Primer Course

    Hello to all, I apologize if I have not been resourceful enough, but I sincerely can not find any information in regards to the Primer Course. If there is any instructors or Marines who have been in BRPC here who can clarify, I was wondering what happens if a Marine is not quite ready for the...