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About china's aircraft carrier...


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Aug 4, 2009
Milford CA Pop 72
I have been doing a little look at Chinas ability to feed itself. During my look I found some interesting information. We import Wheat gluton from China WTF?
Very well hidden but the answer is-- it is cheaper than buying gluten we produce here in the US. Why do we allow this I have no idea.
We sure need to rethink our foreign policy regardless of who the POTUS is.
There is a lot of information on Chinas military build up but build up without intent puzzles me. If it is their intent to keep us out of an area I wonder if it is abad idea. Their submarine force could out number ours five to one soon. The latest nuclear sub has technology in sonar we used in the early 1980's. The problem is in their missile boats. We need to assign shadows to their missile boats and that takes away from our other duties.
Anybody have an opinion on their intent?


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Dec 8, 2008
Bluegrass State
We need to assign shadows to their missile boats and that takes away from our other duties.
Who is to say that the navy isn't already doing this?

As far as the Chinese carrier, IMO it sounds like threat inflation. Just like the air force in the 50's with soviet bombers. They tripled the number of bear bombers the soviets really had, and in turn received funding for more of their own bombers.

*Caveat: I'm not saying that the U.S. should just brush this aside, but the dates just aren't realistic, but hey neither is 10% growth in GDP for the last 10 years...


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Dec 15, 2006
New Zealand
That's most likely our fault.
OK it's not really the US' fault at all. It's a combo of the US supporting Pakistan back in the 60s (which you couldn't really call a mistake) and the Non Aligned Movement along with Nehru's lack Idealistic We Can All Get Along streak (which lasted until the Chinese kicked their arses). Because of NAM came a need to dissassociate themselves from any strategic alliances...until they signed a "friendship" agreement in the 70s to balance China. By this stage the US was already heavily supporting Pakistan so any dealing there were out. Then because of the Soviet Union's influence the Indian government became suspicious of the US- this legacy is left over today where there's still underlying suspicion of the US' motives.

That's it in a very small nutshell.