AR15 Lower Assembly Instructions


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Mar 22, 2009
Here and There
DIY (Do It Yourself) trigger adjustment for the AR15

Having shot PR (Precision Rifles) for a while, I have come to dread the stock triggers on AR15s for precision shots at fair distances. With that being said, someone turned me on to an easy mod a couple years ago that any 2nd grade skill level individual can perform to lighten their trigger.
***This isn't going to drop your battle rifle to a 2lb/- trigger so relax***

Figure 1
Standard SA (Semi-Auto) AR15 trigger shown with extra hammr spring

Figure 2
Hammer spring removed from hammer and my "pointer" displaying where we do some snipping

Figure 3
Take your favorite pair of pliers and cut the hammer sping where pointed out in Figure 2

Figure 4
Reinstall shortened hammer spring on hammer and re-assemble trigger. ONLY CUT ONE LEG OF THE HAMMER SPRING

You can also polish up the trigger for better results. This lightens up your trigger considerably but not scarily :eek:

***This is a take it or leave it option that has worked well for me on seveal ARs that I didn't feel like dropping in $200+ triggers***