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Discussion in 'US Army Special Operations' started by Ravage, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Ravage

    Ravage running up that hill Member

    Could this guy be the real deal ?
  2. Centermass

    Centermass Ranger Verified SOF

    Could be under a few circumstances:

    If he was an old scroller in one of the Ranger Battalions (either 1st or 2nd) in 1983 (Urgent Fury)

    Was still assigned to the Ranger Regiment in 1989 (Opn Just Cause)

    Was still assigned to 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment (Bco to be exact or sliced to Bco for the op) for Somalia (Gothic Serpent)


    82nd for Urgent Fury

    82nd for Just Cause

    the 82nd were not involved in Gothic Serpent

    Or........................he could have been involved in that OTHER unit that also participated in the 3 as well.

    There's a couple of more possibilities.

    One interesting note is I know of no one who was assigned to the RR and stated they were in an airborne unit and leave it at that unless they were extremely low key or posing.

    If your sand man buddy is still in contact with him, he'd have to ask some additional questions in order to get a better fix.

    Not really enough info there Ravage to make a determination.
  3. RetPara

    RetPara Verified SOF Support

    There are a couple of 'other units' that were involved in all three....
  4. Ravage

    Ravage running up that hill Member

    Dark Side of the force maybe?
  5. Centermass

    Centermass Ranger Verified SOF

    Like I said:

  6. bison11

    bison11 Guest

    my guess is one of the following:
    a) he's straight up lying
    b) he was 82nd for Urgent Fury and Just cause, then got onto Delta just in time for Gothic Serpent...thats really the only way i can see it happening, and im not sure how many guys from the 82nd get to was my impression that most of the guys that pass selection come from 75th Ranger or Special Forces...but i guess anything is possible
  7. pardus

    pardus Moderating Staff

    And you know all this how?

    Don't talk about things like this that you have no experience about.

    Thank you.
  8. surgicalcric

    surgicalcric Special Forces Verified SOF

    I know a Bernie who fits that description and served in in all three engagements mentioned. Ask Sandman if he knows where he works?

    If it is who I am thinking, he is a warrior despite his appearance now.

    Stop guessing. You should go back to learning and admiring and not talk out of your ass. It is apparent you are woefully out of your depth in this conversation.

  9. pardus

    pardus Moderating Staff

    I admire your post :D
  10. 8'Duece

    8'Duece Guest


    It is possible to make it through Delta selection coming from the 82nd Airborne. We had two individuals go through selection and one made it through and was also approved to stay after his board review. He was a 13F1P that had spent his first 5-6 years with the Ranger Regiment, then assigned to 82nd Airborne, then somehow was granted a slot to selection. He remained there for 12 years completing 20 years of service. The caveat being, that he was prior SOF with the Ranger Regiment before being assigned to the 82nd Airborne Div.

    I still talk to him today. In fact I'm going to Atlanta to see Van Halen with him Febuary 10th.
  11. Ravage

    Ravage running up that hill Member

    I like Your taste in music :)

    I'll talk to SandMan and ask him for more details, thanks everybody and everyone.
  12. 8'Duece

    8'Duece Guest

    I guess it comes with old age. Diamond Dave is with them, but Wolfgang Van Halen is on the bass.......................:uhh:
  13. sand man

    sand man Guest

    Hiya, guys. Dunno if Ravage was able to pass this on but I learned that the guy was ex-SOAR.

    Thanks all, and to Ravage, for helping out. Cheers...
  14. RB

    RB Special Forces Verified SOF

    FYI........You can be a mechanic from 5th ID, or an X-Ray tech from Womack on Bragg and make it. :cool:

    It's the molding thereafter that counts.

    Old habits are hard to break, new habits are easy to teach. ;);)
  15. Typhoon

    Typhoon Unverified

    There is hope for me yet!
  16. car

    car Old NCO (Ret) Rest In Peace

    Hope.....and Heart! }:-)

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