Denied Rental Because He's a Vet?

Discussion in 'Military' started by Marauder06, Jun 5, 2012.

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  2. DA SWO

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    Seriously, it's time liberals tasted their own medicine.
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  3. CDG

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    Come on guys, you know we can't have those crazy-assed, hair trigger, PTSD, violent psychopath vets just living wherever they want. All they do is get really drunk and have flashbacks and kill babies and old women. They should be in a nice little cage somewhere and we'll let them out the next time we pick a fight we're too pussy to fight ourselves, or the next time some big mean other country picks a fight with us. Then we'll be more than happy to cower behind you while calling you a hero and adorning our Subarus with yellow ribbon magnets.

    Sincerely yours,
    Liberal America
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  4. Chopstick

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    How dare she own property in the first place. It should be redistributed......
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  5. JBS

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    More fuel for my hate, LOL.

    The savages this Guardsman has been fighting would not even let this woman own property.

    In fact she wouldn't even be allowed to ride in the cab of the truck, but would instead get to ride in the back with the animals.
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