Influence of Witchcraft and Superstition in Contemporary Africa


May 4, 2020
The Supernatural literally adds a whole new dimension to your list of uncertainties.

(So amused look) More than anything makes for easy bargaining chip if you know how to and how not to (... I cursed your goat. Not your mother. Just because I know you don't care about the mother.)

In seriousness though, the generalizations in this topic leave me bit cross-eyed. Even witchcraft beliefs are more specific... none pan-African ones had.

National, ethnic, hell often clan to clan in the same area or families will differ. It's complicated systems. African people study & narrate things differently, but it's not lacking internal logic and consistency.

But I still feel bad for chaps met in Nigeria and South Africa who were sure them no needs dem bulletproof vests, as herbal juju shields from flying bullets enough. Sad and not even funny kind of shit.