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JTAC for Combat Controllers


Nov 13, 2015
Hello, I remember seeing someone on this site saying there will be no more JTAC qualifications for CCTs and STOs, is that true? Also, do Combat Controllers more often work in a team of just CCTs or do they most often get attached to SEAL teams or ODAs? I appreciate your response guys and thank you for your service.

x SF med

the Troll
Jan 1, 2007
Not far from the south of Canada, 'Murica!
To reiterate my response to your post about Pararescue - use the search function. Last off record warning.

Please re-read the New members Begin Here Thread, you seem to have glossed over a few areas. The other reasons that come to mind are, you just don't give a shit, you feel entitled to not do any work yourself, Laziness, or complete lack or reading comprehension. We're more than willing to help, if you show you are trying to research for yourself, both questions you posted have been asked and answered multiple times here on the site and would have flooded you with information had you but used the functionality in the upper right corner of your screen.