Looking for a mentor


Sep 20, 2020
Good afternoon everyone,

I am currently active duty navy and plan on attending SFAS as an IST candidate next year around April-June timeframe. I'm very serious about my training and nutrition and have been following some sound principles when it comes to ruck training. Currently, I am following Dr. Mike Prevost's guidelines on ruck training and am working on my strength and cardiovascular fitness in preparation for selection. As of now, I have decent scores for the APFT with an average of 98 Pushups, 87 situps, 12:30 2-mile, and 20 pullups. I tested myself on a 4 mile road ruck run with 55lbs and was able to complete in 47 minutes.

I am trying to do everything in my power to control all of the variables within my power prior to going to selection. It would be awesome if any SF guys would want to take me under their wing and I would be extremely grateful.