.Prior to Scout/Sniper, which Infantry MOS should you hold?

Pat K.

Sep 18, 2017
Boston, MA
Hello Guys, I'm wondering if there is a particular 03 mos that prepares a Marine for S/S better than the others or if it will give you a better shot at getting a spot to indoc/pre-sniper or the school itself. I read here Scout Sniper/Recon/MARSOC Information that 0341s get a lot of experience with call for fire, map reading and terrain modeling which is a crucial aspect of a scout/sniper's day-to-day. I suppose 0341s and maybe 52s are required to do more math on average than 11s and 31s because of the weapons they employ. But honestly I'm clueless so please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks yall!


Force Recon
Verified SOF
Mar 15, 2008
Tun Tavern
Well the 0341 generally provides indirect fires instead of calling for them. That being said, you would learn a lot about how fire support works by being a part of that system. Personally, I would go 0311 or 0331. The 0311 is exposed to all facets of the infantry and becomes very well rounded by the time they hit 0369. 0331s, in my experience, are generally the kind of knuckle dragging savages I want with me in a gun fight. At the end of the day though, any 03XX MOS is good except for 0351 because you can only see that MOS field in Jurassic world with the other extinct animals.