'Tears of the Sun' SEAL movie based on JTF 2 mission?

Discussion in 'North American Special Operations' started by Coyote, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Teufel

    Teufel Force Recon Verified SOF

    Hmmm I had a hard time focusing on anything in the movie other than Monica Bellucci's huge boobs. Were there SEALs in that movie? I'm having a hard time understanding how you no longer get boners from Monica Bellucci's huge boobs. What kind of "hint training" did you get and is it reversible? Is it contagious?
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  2. QC

    QC 1 CDO Verified SOF

    You have a career writing porn.
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  3. pardus

    pardus Moderating Staff


    What started me banging my head on the ground was when Willis was on guard duty alone and he decides that's the perfect time to strip and clean his weapon, not to mention have a conversation with big tits while sitting in plain view.
  4. Mac_NZ

    Mac_NZ Stitch Bitch Verified Military

    Yeah that got me to, I cant remember once stripping down my weapon and cleaning it on a task in less than Pl strength unless I had spudded the barrel into the dirt falling over and even then the whole patrol went all round D on me and gave me the stink eye for being a clumsy oaf.

    Also the slapping each other on the back during a peel, fuck me sideways. I caught a patrol here doing that once and threatened to skull fuck the lot of them for copying bad movies and doing shit drills.
  5. AWP

    AWP Formerly Known as Freefalling Administrator

    With the exception of one Marine's post, this thread has developed a lisp.
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  6. SpitfireV

    SpitfireV Strike first, strike hard, no mercy! Member

    Mac's use of the term "stink eye" has brought back memories of living in NaeNae.
  7. Etype

    Etype Special Forces Verified SOF

    The peel is about as cool as cancer.
  8. RackMaster

    RackMaster Nasty-Dirty-Canuck Verified SOF Support

    This thread is closed for being junk.

    If you want to start the original discussion, I'll open it up again.
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