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Feb 22, 2012
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How much better did Cam look today than Brady? I know Cam took the L (TERRIBLE goal line call at the end)... but who do you think has a better season???
I didn't see the Tompa Bay game this week, but I'm more pissed off I kept Fournette on the Bench this week, ugh.

Two really dumb calls, the RPO on the 2 point conversion. Shouldn't have been an RPO, get the conversion fine, whatever.

Then that last play, wtf would you run between the rights instead of wider since they loaded the box? Oh and then your RB gets chop blocked and you trip. AFC East is now tasty with how good the 4-time chokers are playing in Buffalo.


Dec 29, 2008
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I’m not sure what your team looks like, but I have a couple stakes in Fournette and couldn’t start him. His just learning the system- he might see more action now, but really it’s an RBBC w Jones as well. Brady looked human.

TOTALLY agree on the goal line call for Cam! Why not out Edelman (8/175!!!) in the slot, a big tight end split out, and Michel (or whoever) in the backfield.c spread it out, and let Cam create? He’d done it all game.

Everyone (sorry @Devildoc) who just wished for YEARS that cam actually had time in the pocket and a system that allowed him to stay upright and not take hits must be PISSED watching him.

I’ll say it again, I think Cam has a ‘best ever’ first six games. I’ll need some more input, but it might even be his best season. Guess we will see.

What a wild day of football!!!


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Nov 3, 2015
Durham, NC
@amlove21 I am not pissed he is playing well. I said it all along, I hope he can take them back to the Promised Land, if for no other reason than to stick it to the Panthers' GM and owner. I have been pleased as hell watching him this season, he looks like Cam of old (2015). His completion percentage when he went out last November (? I think) was on MVP-levels, and so far he is at the same/better level.

Indeed a wild day, holy mother of collapses Batman, Atlanta utterly shit the bed. They made the Cowboys looks good...and NOBODY makes the Cowboys look good.

ETA, I just saw Newton's stats. He had the INT, but he was 30-for-45 in passing (66%) with one passing TD, ran 11 times for 47 yards with two rushing TDs (most rushing TDs by any QB since 1950).
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