1. rcdavisjr

    Question regarding 11x MOS split with Option 40

    Hello, all. I'll be meeting with a recruiter in approximately two weeks to discuss getting an 11x Option 40 contract. Ideally, I would want an 11B MOS but, as you all know, the 11x contract doesn't guarantee which 11 Series MOS I'd receive at OSUT. I'm hoping any Rangers or infantry on this...
  2. M

    11b National Guard to 11b Army Option 40

    Hi all, I’m a new member here and I have a brief question. I’ve been talking with a National Guard recruiter a little bit, and I want to become a Ranger. Since I want to go to college too (for employment afterwards in my field of interest (computers), I am considering enlisting in the...
  3. RoyAR

    Importance of MOS selection if I don’t go 18X

    Hello everyone, I’m new to the forums, but have been browsing for a few months. I did do a search but thought it would still be helpful if I started a thread about my particular situation. I haven’t enlisted yet because I’m currently waiting on a waiver for LASIK. I’ve expressed my desire to...