1. BigMoney

    Preparing for A&S without a pool

    Good afternoon all, I'm currently training for A&S and have all the necessities for a training program (ruck, weight, rifle substitute) except for one... I don't have a pool. I'm on ship for deployment right now so time is not an issue, but I was wondering if anyone here had or knows of a...
  2. NineFingerFighter

    Fitness and Prep for A&S

    I am trying to find what is a good fitness prep to follow to get physically ready for A&S. I've tried SEALfit and 10 Week Assessment & Selection Fitness Prep as well as just doing my own thing. I've heard good and bad on both and multiple other plans and prep guides but just looking for true...
  3. S

    What were the hardest parts of A&S and ITC for you?

    If I'm not mistaken, A&S is the selection process for ITC. I know some of this information may be classified.
  4. RoosterJ


    Hey guys. My question is geared towards the Raiders or anyone else who has helpful information. I am currently slated to go to A&S in April of next year. I have read a lot of different articles and testimonies on how to prepare etc… but, I feel like you can never get enough advice or feedback...
  5. WhiteWolf

    Marsoc assessment and selection workout partner

    Good day motivators, please remove if not allowed. I am currently in search of like minded individuals in the Camp Pendleton area to train for a&s. Thanks for any input, have a good one.
  6. Ecam

    A&S Training Bud

    Good Afternoon, Anyone in the South Orange County / North Pendleton / San Clemente area interested in training for A&S? I live in Dana Point and am working through the 10 week prep course. Pm me if interested. Thank you for your time!