1. C

    Is Recon Possible with the QH Contract?

    Hello everyone, I’m shipping to bootcamp on the 24th of June, next week... I was just told recently from a reddit user that I would not be able to volunteer for recon after SOI, with the QH, 6 year contract. I have no problem with doing 6 years in the Corps and it was my only choice other than...
  2. Aingeal Dorcha

    Need Help(Planning To Go To Marine Recon)

    Hello throughout my life I knew I was going to join the military and didn't know what I wanted to join/do. Being the fact my father was Army I always thought I wanted to join Army and do something infantry oriented/anything involving combat I didn't want any rear echelon mos. About a year ago I...
  3. Skull


    Hi I'm Skull and I'm trying to find out some information about becoming a JTAC, I have never served in the military before, I met an Uber driver who turned out to be a former Green Beret and is mentoring me about the military, he assigned me to find out what type of MOS I should get in the Air...
  4. Phoenix-1/3

    MODERN WAR magazine

    I have been reading this magazine for about eight to ten months now, and have found their reporting to be informative, insightful, honest and accurate (in regards to historical preferences, and my civilian perspective), and enjoyable (for those who like reading about military/political matters...