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    Hello, I am an Active Duty 2LT 11A. I am currently in IBOLC and I have orders for 10th MTN, 3rd BCT in Ft. Polk. Prior to joining the Army, I double majored in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics. I played D1 Rugby before getting a really bad concussion and did...
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    Will the Marine Corps become the smartest US military branch? (Article)

    I was reading through this forum thread from last year: Call to Recruit Infantry as Elite Branch which has some really interesting discussion to read through. A few minutes later I came across this article: Will the Marine Corps become the Smartest US military branch? I'm curious to hear the...
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    Dropping SF packet as soon as I turn 20?

    Hey yall. I'm currently 18 years old. I graduate High School in a few weeks and I'll be shipping off soon after that. My dream is to be apart of an ODA. However, due to the age requirement, I do not qualify for the 18x pipeline. I plan on going in as an 11b with an Airborne contract. Once I...
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    .Recon question..

    Hi all, I've looked for this and was unable to find anything. Now this isn't my biggest concern, obviously training, making through BRC and/or A&S and being the best Marine possible is the goal but I have a sort of miscellaneous question... I am former support/pog/etc mos (radio repair)...