1. J

    TACPs Role in the Future

    Greetings, gentlemen. I'll cut straight to the chase. On a several year old thread on ArmyRanger.com (not sure if I'm allowed to link it), a TACP raised some concerns he had over the future of the TACP career field. He stated that with technological advancements, TACPs are moving more towards...
  2. Skull


    Hi I'm Skull and I'm trying to find out some information about becoming a JTAC, I have never served in the military before, I met an Uber driver who turned out to be a former Green Beret and is mentoring me about the military, he assigned me to find out what type of MOS I should get in the Air...
  3. WYOcarl


    Hello! My name is Carl. I was born and raised in the great state of Wyoming. I enlisted into the Air Force in 2013. I'm currently 3+ years into the USAF working as a jet engine mechanic on the C5M (big cargo jet, always broken) I have plans to separate and transition into the Washington Air...
  4. T


    Hello, my name is Tony I am 23 years old and currently an E-5 in the US Army but am looking to try and work my way into becoming a JTAC and am looking for any info regarding the program and any info on inter-service transfers.
  5. wildmangodby


    Integrity first, Service before Self, Excellence in All We Do. Thanks ShadowSpear for producing this awesome site. I swore in to the USAF August 26, 2015. Qualified for TACP and I ship out January 12, 2016 Seeking wise council is a top priority for me as a being. Im young and I have a lot to...
  6. D


    Hello Shadowspear, Dom here, short about me I am active duty Air Force, been in for a little over 3.5 years. I am a F-35 crew chief, was F-15's from the start. I was also on the 2014 All Air Force Boxing team, which was pretty cool. Really big into bodybuilding and fitness, been boxing for the...
  7. A


    Hey guys sorry I joined on my phone and did not see that I had to make an introduction! Well my name is Andrew, and I am really interested in joining the Air Force. But I'm stuck between two jobs, and one of them being outside the Air Force and in the Army the 75 Ranger Regiment. I am in the...