option 40 contract

  1. rcdavisjr

    Question regarding 11x MOS split with Option 40

    Hello, all. I'll be meeting with a recruiter in approximately two weeks to discuss getting an 11x Option 40 contract. Ideally, I would want an 11B MOS but, as you all know, the 11x contract doesn't guarantee which 11 Series MOS I'd receive at OSUT. I'm hoping any Rangers or infantry on this...
  2. Drewked

    Option 40 and Medical waiver do not mix..

    Hello gents, I want to thank anyone who is taking the time to read this. Sorry for the length of this post in advance.. Long story short, I first started seeing my Army recruiter back in late September. We had some problems with a medical allergy I have to Raw Shrimp. Was subscribed an epipen...