1. C

    Is Recon Possible with the QH Contract?

    Hello everyone, I’m shipping to bootcamp on the 24th of June, next week... I was just told recently from a reddit user that I would not be able to volunteer for recon after SOI, with the QH, 6 year contract. I have no problem with doing 6 years in the Corps and it was my only choice other than...
  2. C

    Best path to becoming a Recon Marine

    Should I take the recon contract or another route to recon? I have heard of a UZ contract and a HZ contract, what’s the difference? (My recruiter doesn’t have a clue what a UZ is) Does size matter? (I’m 5’7”, 130 lbs) What’s a good PFT? (I got 72 push-ups, 84 crunches in 2 min, 19 pull-ups...
  3. J

    Job trouble

    Mornin, Im a Poolee and now i just put in for my job wish list last night and my order is as follows. Combat engineer, Radio operator, and combat support. Now I know just because I put down and qualified for these jobs I am not guaranteed to get any, especially since I have an active duty...
  4. FacFortia

    USMC DEP/Recruiting Issue

    Members of SS, Recently, I've been having issues with my recruiter. He is well aware of my aspirations to attend BRPC/BRC and become a Recon Marine. For a while, he told me that there were Recon slots open for June 2017 (my original ship date), but a few months ago, he reneged that and told me...