1. BK2004

    How to think

    So. We’ve been a capability for over a century now. Our identity has waxed and waned and morphed over time. We’ve been Psychological Warfare. We’ve been Deception. We’ve been Psychological Operations. Briefly, we’ve been soup. It’s been a long time though, since we actually thought about what...
  2. BK2004

    Psychological Operations Tech Question

    Hello, fellow black knights and beyond. I’ve been really excited about some of the threat narrative tech that Johns Hopkins’s Applied Physics Lab has been working on lately. It’s amazing, but narrow. Seeing as how PSYOP isn’t merely about communicating, what are some of the other tech ideas...
  3. Thomas Brousseau


    Hello fellow Warriors/ Brothers. I am a former PSYOP TPD NCOIC and currently Senior Vice Commander at VFW Post 2085. I enjoy reading post on military/ Veteran sites like this. The post are always interesting and if your lucky you might even have the opportunity to contact an old Army Buddy
  4. raptor0521


    Greetings Gents, My primary MOS is 0311 infantry, although currently I'm serving as a MISO/PSYOP NCO for the 15th MEU. I graduated the POQC DEC14, and am looking forward to working with some of my Army classmates. Semper Fi.