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  1. SwimRunLift

    Is it possible to prepare for bottom samples?

    Hello, I have a Recon contract and I am shipping out in June. I understand that at BRC there are alot of bottom samples. I do not live near any deep pools (the deepest one being only 7ft). Are bottom samples something one has to prepare for? Or will i be fine as long as I am in good shape and...
  2. J

    Job trouble

    Mornin, Im a Poolee and now i just put in for my job wish list last night and my order is as follows. Combat engineer, Radio operator, and combat support. Now I know just because I put down and qualified for these jobs I am not guaranteed to get any, especially since I have an active duty...
  3. R


    What's up, I'm Marine Corps Poolee Cox. I recently got mt HZ contract so that means I got a recon contract. I joined this site to help better my chances on passing BPRC or MART. I dont know what it is called I've heard multiple names. And then BRC. Mental preparedness and physical demands are...