1. K

    .4th Force Recon Questions - Non-prior Service

    Good evening all, I am currently a civilian living in New Jersey but I am making the move to Hawaii in two weeks. I am very interested in joining the 4th Force Recon Company in Hawaii, and have been training for this for about a year now. I have a few specific questions that I haven't been able...
  2. FacFortia

    USMC DEP/Recruiting Issue

    Members of SS, Recently, I've been having issues with my recruiter. He is well aware of my aspirations to attend BRPC/BRC and become a Recon Marine. For a while, he told me that there were Recon slots open for June 2017 (my original ship date), but a few months ago, he reneged that and told me...
  3. W

    2016 - 11X Option 40 Availability

    Greetings everyone, I had a little info on my intro but decided to make a new thread on this topic. There are other topics but locked. Anyway I finally got my paperwork, waited a few years to go back to the recruiting office. My recruiter tells me that there are no 11X Option 40s available at...