1. Ecam

    A&S Training Bud

    Good Afternoon, Anyone in the South Orange County / North Pendleton / San Clemente area interested in training for A&S? I live in Dana Point and am working through the 10 week prep course. Pm me if interested. Thank you for your time!
  2. CanoeLogic

    Rucking Questions

    Going to ruck after sports ends in March when I start recruitment process. Questions I have about it..... Is it better to start off rucking with running shoes or with boots? What is a good ruck weight to start off of and build on? What is a good distance to ruck at first? Any feedback is...
  3. TheKicker

    Alternate Rucking Advice

    Howdy: I understand from my research here that SFAS rucking is on a lot of sand, and that obviously the best way to train for that is (you guessed it) in sand. Unfortunately, here in the Alamo City of the great state of Texas, there is not a speck of sand. We have rock hard dirt...