1. I

    General PAST scores

    Goodevening. This is my first post outside of my introduction. I've always been curious to candidates personal PAST scores during selection and then at the end of your pipeline. Feel free to post anything that you'd like to say about your experience while at the schoolhouse. (Any special...
  2. J

    SOWT mentor

    I was wondering if there is a mentor group that sowt follows under or a sowt willing to give advice/information on job. Thank you for your help in advance. V/R Jerry
  3. Alpha Llama

    New Member

    Hi! I think my profile already says some of this but I am currently a high school senior. I am going to be SOWT in the U.S Air Force. I have been preparing by doing lots of running, lots, and doing the online physical training exercises (PDF File) designed specifically for PJ/CCT/SOWT...
  4. L


    Hey everyone, I'm currently in the DEP for the Air Force. I'm 23 years old, love to run, am a strong swimmer, and am about 2 pull-ups away from being able to pass the PAST test. I also have my skydiving A-license. I'm trying to decide whether I should enlist with a Pararescue or SOWT...