1. TWTPraetorian

    NREMT-P Exam Trauma Difficulties

    All, I take my first NREMT-P in a little more than a week. I have taken exams from varying sources (school's program, MedicTests, etc) but I am struggling a bit with the trauma portion. I am consistently scoring just below standard. I have primarily focused ITLS review and used ATLS...
  2. O

    Navy SAR Corpsman

    If someone could enlighten me I've been doing my reaserch but have found little info on what SAR corpsman do (I know the basics...), I guess I'm just confused if they work more for civilians or more in the combat side? All info is appreciated thanks.
  3. K

    Scope Of Practice & Experience

    I have done an intro but real quick, I am an EMT-B volunteering at hospitals when I can. I want to become a Emergency Room Physician (DO but I hear DO's get shafted on rotations) as a civilian. Also I am college student going for Bachelors in Biochem. I have completed A&P I and am in A&P II now...