Another introduction thread


Field Artillery
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Apr 21, 2018
Land of hipsters, craft beer, and coffee
Hello everyone! I am currently serving in the Army National Guard. I'm a recent graduate of Federal OCS and I branched Field Artillery. I'm looking to explore my options for the future and learn and read from other people about the SF experience, the training pipeline, tips, and preparation for SFAS.

I'm 28 and I graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from a small state university. My hobbies include working on cars, learning languages (I'm functionally conversational in Russian, I'm self taught), traveling, food, cooking, and reading. I'm starting to get into guns as another hobby.

My 25m target is to improve my run times, numbers in the weight room, and pass FABOLC. I am currently getting in shape to try out pre Ranger. I hope being in the ARNG, I can get a slot. My current CO said he passed and got promised a slot by a full bird but turned it down because of family. My 10000m target is to focus on passing and getting selected to attend SFRE. Though, I learned SFRE in my state is no longer a thing, so I feel I’ll not have the extra advantage of extra training and mentorship.

I'm basically going to be lurking and reading rather than posting because it will be a long time until I'm even eligible to attend SFAS/SFQC. If my mind is still focused on being SF, I will stick to it, but if a couple of years down the line, that my life priorities have changed, that's fine too, I'm open minded. Either way, I'm going to continue to PT and learn.

I have a few weaknesses and strengths that I need to play into. I need to learn to speak up more and be more assertive when in leadership roles, because I feel that I don't give off the "strong leader" vibe as a first impression. For strength wise, I consider myself more patient than most, I never quit, and I'm quite dedicated when it comes to PT.