Verified Military
Jan 3, 2020
My name is Josh and I came across this site searching the internet for guidance/information on pursuing the Army National Guard SF. I previously served in the Marines from 2001-2005 and then from 2007-2011, separating as a Sgt. During my time I served as an 0311/rifleman with 2nd BN 3rd Mar, 3rd Bn 3rd Mar and 3rd Bn 6th Mar. I deployed with 3/3 in 2004-2005 to Khowst Afghanistan (FOB Salerno), then up in Jalalabad and Tora Bora. I had the pleasure in tora Bora to be in a squad that was detached and got the opportunity to run patrols with an SF team for about 6-7 weeks. I then deployed to Fallujah Iraq in 2008 with 3/6 as a Corporal of the Guard working an entry control point as well as spend some time with our battalion personal protection team for our BN Commander. Later in 2009 I took the indoc for 3/6 STA PLT and was accepted and served with them in Marjah Afghanistan in 2010 (sadly never had the privilege of being school trained) as I separated in 2011. Years went by and I wasn't done and the National Guard were the only ones who would have me. I enlisted as a 68W Combat Medic about a year ago, still waiting to go to school and I have high hopes of attending A&S for SF in the near future. It's a pleasure to be here and I look forward to learning from you all.