Infantry Sergeant needs mentorship.


Nov 6, 2020
I've been in for a minute, active duty. Got out February and now in the California National Guard and going to SFRE for the second time next year. I've been so down in the dumps getting off active duty and I went to SFRE unprepared back in June. I got invited back because I didn't quit. Being Army Infantry with 3 Combat deployments and just thought it was a don't quit and you'll make it thing. I was so wrong and I'm on a track to do way better next time. I just wish I had a mentor to motivate me even more. It sucks because I know Special Forces material shouldn't need as much as I'm asking for. But I I've had lots of personal problems and a weight holding me back. I would be so grateful to meet with someone who could help with so much more on a personal level then just, don't quit or a casual conversation. Thank you. My number is <mod edit>. I'm from San Bernardino.
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