Oct 3, 2019
Good afternoon, and thank you for accepting my request for membership,

My name is SPC. Manuel Reyna, and I have been in the army for a grand total of almost 2 years. I am from San Antonio, TX and a 68W. I have a special interest in learning about austere medicine. I am married with a son on the way in January. I went to school at Texas State University, and chose to become a medic as a promise I made to a late friend of mine.

My short term goals are to attend & pass green platoon, and go back to EFMB to re-challenge the badge.
My long term goals are to eventually earn my masters degree. I requested to join this community so I could learn as much as possible from other members, and to seek out guidance on honing my craft and becoming an overall better medic.

I’m hungry to learn, and eager to prove myself in the intricacies of the world of medicine. I look forward to learning, and accepting the advice of seasoned members.