Mentor Request


Airborne Intel
Verified Military
Apr 29, 2020
I wrote my intro here a while back explaining some of who I was and what kind of things I looked to do in the future. Long story short, I graduated college while a guardsman and have since done a deployment doing some interesting intel work.
A couple years later since my initial post and I’ve realized that some time as an 18D in the guard would allow me to learn another language, practice medicine, and put me in a good spot to either continue in intel or to go to medical school. Aside from setting up my future, the 18 series route would put me alongside other motivated people who want to perfect their trades and use those skills to help others. I’ve loved nearly every day I’ve spent on active orders, but recently I’ve learned the hard way how much regular army/guard sucks at recognizing and rewarding potential due to budget constraints, real or fictional.
I’m currently overseas but plan to do the SFRE weekends upon my return. My 50M target is to get in good enough shape to hit all of the minimums on any given day. I would like a mentor to bounce 19/20th group lifestyle questions off of and help me prepare for the huge career change I’m pursuing since I’ve been an Intel nerd my whole young career. Thanks and I’m glad the site is back up!