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Jun 29, 2014
I've watched the progression of AMTRACs since the old LVTP5 (which, when going off a well-deck ramp, sank like a 37-ton hunk of steel, had sea water pour in from various seams and felt like it would never resurface)...through the newer AAV7s which were coming into service while I was still on active duty; through the AAV survivability upgrades and the aborted EFV program ( a 3-billion dollar pre-cancellation abortion); and I'm hoping this will be a vehicle with some staying power.

Marines Pick BAE to Build Next Amphibious Combat Vehicle to Replace Decades Old AAVs

It's not speedy on the water, only 7 knots, which is about as fast as the old LVTs...but I don't foresee Marines doing many frontal assaults against well-defended beachheads.

Amtracs--even the old LVTs--were good movers on land. I've ridden in them and on them. Protection for grunts and it can swim...what's not to like.
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Oct 18, 2015
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They brought them out here to our Tank RAMP in 29 for testing a while back. They are significantly better than AAV’s in almost every way. I’m not an AAV Crewman, but I am a Tank Crewman and Armed/Armored vehicles is pretty well in my domain.

Mobility wise, on land they are great. AAV’s honestly have no need to be tracked. They’re tracks are almost unsupported, weak, and break easily on rough terrain. I’ve seen it many times out here working with them and the terrain here is the closest any CONUS training will get to CENTCOM countries. The addidition of tires I think is superior. They’re very large and good at traversing rocky and sandy terrain. I can’t speak much for they’re ability to traverse steep grades but for what they did move over I can’t see it becoming an issue. I’m not going to speak on they’re water borne abilities, that’s not my domain.

Armor wise, they are far more protected than AAV’s. AAV’s are almost useless against anything above 7.62 medium machine guns. The ACV is much better protected with the addition on more angular plates and thicker body construction. No vehicle is realistically safe from ATGM’s but I can definitely see the ACV offering better protection for our boys on the ground from 12.7mm and below.

I think it’s a great vehicle that’ll keep the crunchies safer and more mobile.