Protester at NBA game taken to the paint…


Sep 12, 2012
With the Timberwolves in the playoffs, there has been a group protesting home games. Maybe you heard about “glue girl” last week?

Anyway, watch this a couple of times; the reaction speed of the security guard as the protester tries to take the floor is mind blowing.

The last 2 times security was appropriately patient, with the aggressiveness that they pulled these two out last night, I think they’ve upped their game.

When you hear the announcers referencing “Taylor”, they are referring to the T-Wolves owner, Glenn Taylor.

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All this over... some dead chickens?
It's animal rights BS because the Wolves owner owns poultry farms and had to euthanize a bunch of birds due to bird flu. My favorite part is that Taylor owns so many companies, he was probably not even aware that he owned one of those farms until these folks started protesting him.
The seccos knew who was trouble. There was too many close by to be a coincidence. Good work!

As for chickens, in Tasmania a while ago, some activists broke into a free range shed to liberate the oppressed poultry. This caused a mass stampede of fleeing fowls, killing several in the ensuing feathered melee.
The activists where nevertheless caught & charged with trespassing & due to the death of the chooks, where charged with animal cruelty. Sometimes Justice is poetic.