Special Tactics Airman Missing in the Gulf Mexico


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Sep 12, 2012
@Ooh-Rah, any way you could copy/paste that one on here? Its stuck behind the NYT paywall.
Sorry about that. It’s a long article and I don’t want to clutter the pages, so here it is as a PDF instead.

There are folks on the board who are close to this situation and to Sergeant Condiff. The article contains 'speculation regarding what might have happened inside the aircraft just pryor to the accident. Out of respect....let's please wait until the investigation is complete before getting into "what if's"....thanks.


  • ‘Not an Easy Decision’_ Rescue Mission Ends With an Airman Still Missing - The N.pdf
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Jan 13, 2020
For those not aware, SSGT Cole Condiff is the Combat Controller who fell from a C-130 into the Gulf of Mexico in November of 2019, and whose body was never located.
I noticed that there was never a thread made here for him. However, I chose now to post this thread due to the results from the accident investigation being released to the public.
This one hit a little close to home for me when it happened given that he fell from one of the aircraft I work on, and I ended up assisting in the accident investigation.
I’ll put the report below so you can form your own opinions about the causes and be informed about the event itself.
Rest easy, warrior.

https://www.afjag.af.mil/Portals/77...- Parachute Mishap - AIB Narrative Report.pdf