USASOC Drops $5M on Ops-Core Helmets


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Aug 18, 2007
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We seem to be looking for a helmet that protects, can have Peltor's underneath.
Maybe an integrated helmet (like aircrew get) should be the next phase.

I also find it interesting that the ops-core website shows the basic helmut to be in the mid $200.00 range. What/why is USASOC spending the extra $700.00 on?


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Nov 3, 2006
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Responses in line...

...Something I was wondering is why the low cut helmet is gaining so much popularity?

The same reason I (at 5'7" 180lbs) wear a medium PC with small cut weight... Speed is security.

Another thing that is kind of odd to me is the rails on the helmet, and why? I understand it for the MFF O2 mask, and I can see it for video cameras (I don’t really agree with the video opt) but I can already see someone strapping even more stuff to their nugget.

Options is the reason I have them on mine. From time to time I find myself needing to wear/carry an SSE Camera, IR illuminator, etc/ The rails is a good place to clip it when its needed, when its not it is in a bag or pouch.

Brings me to the Sure Fire helmet lights, really, why? Low Light 101, the threat will shoot at the light and if it’s mounted to your head, guess what the threat is shooting at.

Not a fan of the surefire light but I wear a Petzl headlamp on the front of my helmet at night. Treating casualties is much easier with a lil light believe it or not and if one of my guys has to hold my light thats another gun out of the fight, not pulling/posting security, etc...

The external NVG battery pack, works as a counter balance and gives longer use time. Also adds weight to your head, defeating the purpose of what the ACH (lightweight) helmet was designed for.

Have you worn PVS-15s without a counter balance? Its much better with the counter balance.

Why mount an IR strobe to your helmet? Why not the upper back of your armor?

An MS-2000 is a lil big for that application IMHO, but the V-lite is perfect. Its small and can be seen regardless of my body position...

Being someone with major neck damage, I cringe at the thought of adding all that gear to a helmet and then being expected to wear it for a long mission. I am all about advancement of technology and learning the better ways to do things, but sometimes it appears that we end up going the other route with some of this stuff. One being that with all the added crap that people are putting on their brain bucket, they are now wanting low cut “less protecting” helmets for what I can only guess is lighter weights and added mobility. Yet they still pile all the gear on it and they lose that added protection.

Understandable, but guys having back troubles doesnt keep them from wanting to put on enough armor that they appear to be wearing an ACU version of the "Red Man" suit. So why then shouldnt the inverse apply as well.

Personally the military went too far with the armor issue. Its combat, shit happens and people die. Making me immobile, dismounted, makes me an easier target, not one thats harder to kill. Honestly, I wouldnt wear most of it on anything but convoys and DA hits if my Team Sergeant wouldnt make me...


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Jan 3, 2007
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Just a note, GROM adopted the helmet not long ago, guess it's more and more popular.



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Dec 27, 2010
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Doing SSE without a light on your helmet can be a bitch. having something mounted on a rail on your helmet is a way better option than a petzl wrapped around it or those little tan surefires velcro'd down. I also love the idea of the built in retaing bands for the pvs-15s/avs-6s, the bungee cords are kind of ridiculous in comparison. That being said, although more comfortable, I would be suprised to see guys in Regiment wearing these (outside of recce or snot). Given there mission, I don't see them giving up the coverage.


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Oct 24, 2010
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