1. Th3Viru5

    How To Take Advantage Of CHARC Experience As 35F?

    So, I got lucky... Four months out of AIT, and I’m on my first deployment attached to a Counterintelligence/HUMINT Analysis and Requirements cell (CHARC). The only 35Fs are myself and another fairly new analyst. The word is most 35F never get this type of opportunity to go outside the wire and...
  2. Th3Viru5

    New 35F Grad

    Hello all, Thanks for all the valuable information shared on this forum 🙏 I’m currently out-processing from AIT as a 35F (Intelligence Analyst) in the IA National Guard. For what it’s worth I held over a 90% throughout the course, which I received a coin for, and I expect to be an honor grad...