Verified Military
Apr 23, 2020
United States
Hello all,

Thanks for all the valuable information shared on this forum 🙏

I’m currently out-processing from AIT as a 35F (Intelligence Analyst) in the IA National Guard. For what it’s worth I held over a 90% throughout the course, which I received a coin for, and I expect to be an honor grad (ceremony is the day before I leave). Originally, my sights were set on being an MP, but I ultimately chose intel for the clearance, job duties (don’t wanna do the boring cop stuff 🤷‍♂️), and flexibility on the civilian side.

I came here looking for info on serving in a support role with an SF unit, possible contractor opportunities, and whether or not to try going active for SF or Ranger. The plan is to volunteer for a deployment soon to get some dirt time, as I don’t expect to get to do my job during drills with my home unit. There’s an AGR job open to me helping with recruiting, but Fvck that 😆

My main interest is executive protection/private security opportunities and figuring out what experience/training I need to fill those positions. I have some college, but I need to finish up my core classes to get my associates using AIT (Cochise College) credits.

Hopefully I can contribute something useful to this group as I learn. Thanks for having me!