1. Th3Viru5

    New 35F Grad

    Hello all, Thanks for all the valuable information shared on this forum 🙏 I’m currently out-processing from AIT as a 35F (Intelligence Analyst) in the IA National Guard. For what it’s worth I held over a 90% throughout the course, which I received a coin for, and I expect to be an honor grad...
  2. T

    Advice for a 35F

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in AIT to become an army 35F (all source Intel analyst) I'm liking the job so far... However, the more I read about intelligence and as I learn more about the modern battle space, I'm having doubts about my MOS. I'm realizing that I want a more hands on "dirty"...
  3. T


    Hello! My name is Ted but I go by Teddy. I'm at 21 year old soldier in AIT to be a 35f (all source Intel analyst) in the army. I'm here to learn about opportunities for analysts in both the SOF community and the big army. My aspirations go beyond my MOS, and I hope to receive some guidance...
  4. A

    Is there any information on Intelligence Support Activity?

    Reliable open source information on this group is obviously very limited but I'd like to know anything that could help me get a better understanding of this unit. At the moment I'm looking into making this my goal as an Officer in a few years and want to plan ahead. I understand I need to...
  5. G

    Human Intelligence Collector (HUMINT 35M) in Army SF

    Hello all, I am meeting with my recruiter on 6th of July to try and sort out my Army MOS. Preface, I have ACT, College GPA, and High School GPA in the 99th percentile nationally, so the ASVAB and DLAB shouldn't be exceedingly difficult (I have a perfect score in English and Reading...
  6. Il Duce

    35M Language Requirement Returning

    The process is now fully in motion for 35M to become a language dependent MOS over the next few years. That means if you're a 35M now below the rank of E-7 you've got to learn a language or your career won't progress. For those folks looking to transfer or enlist for 35M it means you'll be...
  7. JAG2

    Questions about 35M/HUMINT

    Hey everyone, I'm just out of college, and hoping to enlist soon as a 35M (Human Intelligence Collector). Submitting a packet for 38B or 18X after a few years has also crossed my mind, but for this discussion I'll stick to 35M. I want to do my research before setting a path for myself, which...
  8. bboydevs

    SEAL's and Navy Intel personel

    I'm currently a Navy CTT and was recommended by my chain of command to DEVGRU. I didn't really know what it was so being the research guy I am I looked it up. It definitely sounds like a community I can be apart of. I was wondering if anyone has served with any Intel guys, and if they were just...