1. Slowguy111

    35S placement?

    As a current MOS-T from 11B to 35S I had a taste of both SOT-A and SOT-B team houses. Upon arrival to current unit I was placed on a SOTA team but due to most current MTOE I am now on a SOTB team. Where does one truly belong since we are titled as SIGINT Collector/Analyst. I have reached out to...
  2. RTBro

    Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence

    Here is a question to the SMEs on this forum, it's a bit open ended and I appologize for that. What are the main differences between the two jobs, and why would you recommend one over another?
  3. RTBro

    Reclassing to 35N

    I'm currently an 11B in my reenlistment window, and I've been thinking about switching over to the Intel side of operations. Given that I have a background in computer science and foreign language (3/3 Arabic), I figured I should give SIGINT a serious look. I noticed that SOT-A seems to be an...