75th ranger regiment

  1. B

    What more can I do to become a Ranger?

    Alright I'm working my way to being a 75th Airborne Ranger. I have all these bought flash cards over the Ranger hand book, memorized the creed to the point I say it when I wake up and fall asleep, lost 60lbs (played college fullback been leading the way since day 1), run 20 some miles a week...
  2. E

    Anybody in Eastside Houston also looking to be a Ranger?

    We can prep together, bros being bros.
  3. rcdavisjr

    Question regarding 11x MOS split with Option 40

    Hello, all. I'll be meeting with a recruiter in approximately two weeks to discuss getting an 11x Option 40 contract. Ideally, I would want an 11B MOS but, as you all know, the 11x contract doesn't guarantee which 11 Series MOS I'd receive at OSUT. I'm hoping any Rangers or infantry on this...
  4. U

    Option 40 during DEP enlistment

    Hello, I am currently a student planning on enlisting into a Delayed Entry enlistment with 11x. I have asked for option 40 to be added onto the enlistment of the 11x however the recruiter has said that there is a possible way to amend the contract if signed 11x without option 40, adding it later...
  5. J

    MFFS (Military Free Fall School) vision requiments?

    Hey guys&gals, I'm in need of a bit of help understanding something I read in the AR40-501 regarding vision requirments for MFFS. I'm planning on getting PRK before I go plan on enlisting and found out if you get it it's not disqualifying if it was done before you go in. But here is the...
  6. FO_98

    Honest information about rasp

    So I've been speaking too many people both Rangers and people who attended the course about what rasp is, how hard it might be, and the mental and physical aspects of the course. I have yet to find definitive and trust worthy answers, and none of the previous posts have been able to answer my...
  7. M

    QNE (Qualified but not Enlisted) holding out for an 11x Option 40

    Hello everyone, I've been using the search engine to help answer my questions, but I need your guidance. Last week I went down to MEPS and qualified for everything to attain an 11x Option 40 contract. After I took the ASVAB my recruiter told me there were no Option 40s available across the...