1. MoProblems

    ANG TACP & Civilian Job/Schooling

    All, Obviously nice and green here- appreciate the welcome. I have a question which I hope you all may be able to shed some light upon. I was unable to find this on any thread here, and I am currently waiting on approval from My apologies if this is a repeat. In my consideration...
  2. Skull


    Hi I'm Skull and I'm trying to find out some information about becoming a JTAC, I have never served in the military before, I met an Uber driver who turned out to be a former Green Beret and is mentoring me about the military, he assigned me to find out what type of MOS I should get in the Air...
  3. jmar

    NQP Civilian SFRE

    Didn't see any topics that related to my question via the search function. I will be attending SFRE for 3/20th SFG as a civilian. Any advice that would pertain specifically to pit falls or an area of focus at SFRE that would specifically be of difficulty to a civilian would be of great help...