1. U

    Option 40 during DEP enlistment

    Hello, I am currently a student planning on enlisting into a Delayed Entry enlistment with 11x. I have asked for option 40 to be added onto the enlistment of the 11x however the recruiter has said that there is a possible way to amend the contract if signed 11x without option 40, adding it later...
  2. O

    Switching jobs in DEP?

    I signed as AV with the navy when I was at meps because that was the latest ship date which is in January 2018... I want to switch it to HM with the DAR (dep action request) which my recruiter already sent in, do you think my job will change within these 8 months I have?
  3. FacFortia

    USMC DEP/Recruiting Issue

    Members of SS, Recently, I've been having issues with my recruiter. He is well aware of my aspirations to attend BRPC/BRC and become a Recon Marine. For a while, he told me that there were Recon slots open for June 2017 (my original ship date), but a few months ago, he reneged that and told me...