1. T


    Hello, I am currently a freshman in college waiting to finish so I can get into naval spec ops (EOD).
  2. ScoutTyper

    A Brief Intro

    Good evening ladies and gents, I'm currently on active duty in the Marine Corps as a 5974. For those that don't know what 5974s do, we are basically the comm dogs of the Air Wing (along with Comm Squadron) and our skills are most akin to IT guys in the civilian sector. I am on ShadowSpear...
  3. Roboscout 302

    For SOF candidates: What is your weekly training schedule look like?

    Good Morning guys, I currently have a SEAL challenge contract, scheduled to ship in December & I am wondering what do you SOF candidates do in your weekly routine. Currently this is what my schedule looks like: 1 long interval(fartlek) run & swim / short interval run & swim/ 1 long slow...
  4. H

    EOD questions.

    I want to do EOD and was wondering what to expect at Eglin. And what I should expect from EOD tech school, like what is the curriculum of EOD tech school like. And what do you study well at tech school.