1. F

    How to verify marsoc

    I have know. Someone intimately for 2+ years. I’ve been given information that everything they have told me has been a lie. How can I verify someone was a part of marsoc? Or if any of their claims are true?
  2. S

    3 Mile Timed Run

    I'm medically set for PLC this summer. However, my 3 mile timed run isn't very good. I can max out the pull-ups and the crunches. The run is at 25:30 though. The issue is that I had been strength training and bulking for the past year so my cardio had gone to shit. I was able to reach a 455...
  3. S

    .Aviator to MARSOC

    I'm currently getting a Computer Science degree from a school that's 1 tier below an Ivy League and am looking to start USMC PLC for 6 weeks this summer on an aviation contract (just awaiting some medical clearances). Now, I know this question is a long ways down the road, however, how realistic...
  4. FacFortia

    Gear Recommendations for BRC

    Afternoon gents, Any Recondos have recommendations or tips and tricks of the trade regarding gear, setup and maintenance (rucks, boots, fins, warming layers, hydration, etc) that would help a young buck Roper going through the Course, as well as moving forward in my career? Anything that...
  5. K


    Good evening all, I am a recent college graduate from New Jersey. I am planning on moving to Hawaii in the very near future and I am dead set on joining the reserves while in Hawaii. I am currently torn between the Army reserves and the Marine Corps reserves. From what I was able to find online...
  6. NineFingerFighter

    My Introduction

    Howdy Folks, I'm from a tiny town in Illinois and I grew up in a environment where I was taught to respect my country, this has led me to want to serve my country as well but with me living in a town of a few thousand people the only Marine I talk to is my recruiter. I am joining this site to...
  7. AKkeith

    Apply Violence Apparel

    Hello to all our Shadowspear Brothers and Sisters, Myself and @ritterk have been longtime members on here and have recently started Apply Violence Apparel. Our passion is to help out our fellow brothers and sisters in the combat veteran and special operations community. Currently we are...