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  1. J

    18X Special Forces Pipeline Explained through SFAS - General Breakdown/Tips/Advice

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  2. D

    Rhode Island NG 19th SFG 18x Contract

    Hello, I am non-prior service, currently civilian, 4 year degree living in NJ, I work for an investment bank in NYC. I am not going to ask the specifics of an 18x contract, as I believe I mainly understand it, but I am seeking clarification on something I was told by the RI National Guard. I...
  3. Th3Viru5

    How To Take Advantage Of CHARC Experience As 35F?

    So, I got lucky... Four months out of AIT, and I’m on my first deployment attached to a Counterintelligence/HUMINT Analysis and Requirements cell (CHARC). The only 35Fs are myself and another fairly new analyst. The word is most 35F never get this type of opportunity to go outside the wire and...
  4. A

    Aspiring SOT-A introduction

    Greetings all, I want to thank everyone up front for your many years of service and willingness to mentor/provide information to us young folks and outsiders. We really appreciate your patience with us, even if we get a little ahead of ourselves sometimes and tend to write before we read. By...
  5. I

    Does AD or NG have the opportunity to attend more schools/special training?

    I am currently working with a recruiter from the 19th SFG for a reserve 18 X-ray contract. However, I have recently been considering pursuing the AD contract instead. I would like to know whether someone on an AD or NG ODA would be able to attend more schools/special training. Ideally, I...
  6. A


    Hey all, I'm a software Engineer, just past his 28th birthday. Managed to get my degree back in 2014 and have been working in the industry since then. I'm here because I have found my life lacks meaning and urgency. I feel as if I show up for work and go through the motions working through...
  7. M

    11b National Guard to 11b Army Option 40

    Hi all, I’m a new member here and I have a brief question. I’ve been talking with a National Guard recruiter a little bit, and I want to become a Ranger. Since I want to go to college too (for employment afterwards in my field of interest (computers), I am considering enlisting in the...
  8. M

    National Gaurd SF

    I am scheduled to go to Meps on Monday and enlist in the National Gaurd, with the intention of going SF. They do not have a REP 63 (18x for NG) in Indiana, you have to tryout with the group, then they may send you to selection. My biggest question is what MOS should I select? I did well on the...