1. youngidiot

    Looking to get in super fit shape in 3 months.

    so I workout twice a day. morning is calisthenics, running, and rucking usually. At night I lift usually high reps low weight and then ill hit cardio for 20 to 30 minutes. I need some advice with diet, how should I eat and what should I eat?
  2. Aingeal Dorcha

    Healthy Heart

    Hi all so some back story is I have a medical problem(ADD) not a serious medical condition at all. ADD doesn't really effect me at all I just have to try harder to pay attention thats all. But my main concern is I take adderall for my ADD and it makes my heart beat like a cherokee drum. Ive been...
  3. Btom95

    Best Pre-PFT Meals

    Hi, I'm a college senior applying for Marine PLC. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I'm still pretty new to this site and I'm not sure how to navigate it completely. Anyway, I've run two PFT's and have actually surprised myself with my scores. I'm very confident in my pull-ups and crunches but...
  4. bcrimz47

    Nutrition Plan for MARSOC A&S 10 week prep guide

    Hi everyone I know there is a lot posted on here about nutrition and different nutrition plans and I'm sure most of them would work well for this training program but I just wanted to ask to see if anyone has done this program with a specific nutrition plan and how it worked for them. I know it...