1. Ball N' Chain

    PAST and Indoc

    Posted this in the PJ mentor group, I will post here as well. I was online doing some video watching in regard to the PAST and Indoc and I came across a youtube channel that have over 30 videos explaining techniques, mindsets, instructions, and so forth on events included in the PAST as well as...
  2. standbycontact

    PAST Prep for Pararescue

    Hi SS Community, I have been invited to assess with an AFR RQS in August. The assessment consists of what looks to be a mega PAST (1500m swim, 3 mile run, etc.) and an interview with unit leaders. If a candidate excels in the PAST and the unit leaders like him, then they will send that person...
  3. jjgli

    Post intro update. Soon to be CCT DEP'er

    I'll first give a quick recap of my intro post back at the beginning of December. I am a 27 yo husband and father of two youngins. I have been attempting to enlist since October '14. Because of my extra 10 years extra of 'life experiences' than most enlistees, there have been a few bumps in the...
  4. standbycontact

    34yo hoping for SOF option(s)

    Hello SS community. I'm a 34yo SSgt in the USMCR and am researching options to go SF through any branch that has openings for a prior service guy. PFT 283, CFT 300, Expert Rifle, Expert Pistol, Advanced Swim Qual, 12 mile ruck in 2:58. Here are the cliffs notes: A lot of the options people talk...