Ball N' Chain

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Feb 1, 2017
Posted this in the PJ mentor group, I will post here as well.
I was online doing some video watching in regard to the PAST and Indoc and I came across a youtube channel that have over 30 videos explaining techniques, mindsets, instructions, and so forth on events included in the PAST as well as Indoc with actual videos of guys in Indoc doing their daily activities. I thought it was real cool to watch and see what I am getting into, and just being more informed all around about whats expected out of swimming, push ups, pull ups and so forth.
The guys name is Mike Maroney, I suggest taking a look if you are a wanna-be like myself.
Y'all do what you want, but his rep isn't the best within the community. I'm not going into details so don't waste your time asking. Just take his stuff with a grain or two of salt.

Will do, I mainly watch for advice on the PAST and buddy breathing stuff. Thank you though for the warning.