1. rhanzlikusaf

    A great selection prep YouTube Channel

    Jeff Nichols CSCS*D, TSAC*D This post is nothing more than spreading the great work this guy does, I have no affiliation with anything related to the Navy. I apologize if this has already been shared. Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Ball N' Chain

    PAST and Indoc

    Posted this in the PJ mentor group, I will post here as well. I was online doing some video watching in regard to the PAST and Indoc and I came across a youtube channel that have over 30 videos explaining techniques, mindsets, instructions, and so forth on events included in the PAST as well as...
  3. minydoom

    Preparation Workout?

    I am interested in becoming either a PJ or CRO, and have quite some time before I sign up. I was wondering if there was a workout regime anyone could suggest for me. Including the rest of high school and 2 years of college, I have about five years to get ready. I am in OK physical shape but...
  4. FacFortia

    To Prep or Not to Prep... That is the Question.

    Good morning gentlemen, I've been preparing for boot and BRC since I received approval from my SNCOIC to contract Recon a few months ago. Last night I was looking through a thread where SOF members were telling their stories of how they became badasses in their respective branch, and after...