1. Aspen_Sun

    Intro + Background

    Good evening everyone, My name is Avery. To jump right into it, I'm a 19 year old guy from West Michigan who's goal is to become a Pararescueman. I recently stumbled across the forum by accident. While doing some research on AF bases and the difference between Rescue/ST Squadrons, I found a...
  2. S

    Fake ID, Possession, Paraphernalia waiver

    Ok so I think one lousy, stupid night crushed all my aspirations to becoming a pj. ok now this story is weird and ongoing but here goes nothing... I’m a college student, invited this girl to my car (both mine and her roommates were asleep) around midnight, her friends were in the back supposed...
  3. S

    Introduction From a Hospital Corpsman!

    Hello everyone! I am a 24 year old Active Duty Hospital Corpsman and have served in the military for approximately six years. After graduating from high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and began my career at 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment in Hawaii. After two deployments, I PCS'd to...
  4. B

    Fresh PJ's too STS's and RQS's?

    Evening folks, As the title asks, do fresh out of the apprentice course PJ's all go to RQS's? Or can fresh PJ's get assigned to STS's? Thanks for all future info.
  5. J

    Color Vision Standards

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to understand all the color vision standards that are needed to be met in order to become a PJ. I have talked with many people who have given me very conflicting information and cant find out anything online as all that info is also conflicting. My...
  6. C

    PJ to CRO process

    Howdy everyone. So I've been interested in pararescue for a while, but I've been struggling with the ever-present PJ vs CRO decision. I think the easiest way to ask this question will be with a hypothetical situation. Let's say A1C John goes through the pipeline and graduates. A1C John then...
  7. H


    Hello ShadowSpear Network! I am a 20 y.o. college student, very pleased to be here. My goal upon graduation from college is to enlist in USAF Pararescue. I've been training for about 18 months now. Current PAST Scores: 74 Pushups 15 Pullups 72 Situps 9:20min / 1.5mi run 9:30min / 500m swim...
  8. D


    Hey guys, My names Dustin, just graduted with a degree in physics, signed up for the Air Force couple weeks ago with delayed enlistment for pararescue. Just trying to learn as much as I can in the next couple months before I leave for BMT. Any advice is appreciated. Glad to be apart of the site.
  9. NightTrain

    Air National Guard Unit with DQ at MEPS

    Clarification to my previous question: After passing an assessment, can/will an ANG Unit work (by talking to the Medical Board, with a written note, etc.) to help get someone a waiver if they are DQ'd at MEPS?
  10. NightTrain

    Air Guard PJ Selection and Waiver

    I want to first say that if this question is out of bounds, let me know because I am new to this community. I have heard two different stories when it comes to getting picked up by the Air Guard and getting a medical waiver. The first story (from a recruiter) is that it does not matter if you...
  11. Ball N' Chain

    PAST and Indoc

    Posted this in the PJ mentor group, I will post here as well. I was online doing some video watching in regard to the PAST and Indoc and I came across a youtube channel that have over 30 videos explaining techniques, mindsets, instructions, and so forth on events included in the PAST as well as...
  12. J


    Hey guys, new to this site. Little bit about me. I'm a senior in HS for the time being but will be going to VMI next year enrolled in AFROTC. My dream is to commission and be a Combat Rescue Officer. I have done a bunch of research on it but more info never hurts. My mom was in the Coast Guard...
  13. M


    I'm a 24 year old college grad, got a BS in illustration—never wanted to go to college, I have actually wanted to enlist since I was 12 or 13. But I did so as a service to my mom, who felt that at least someone in the family had to get a degree. Been out for three years working in social...
  14. D

    Age and Durability for Pararescue

    I have been researching options on a possible career in Pararescue. I am now 37 years old, and can meet the PAST standards for PJ (and some Ironman) that my recruiter gave me. Recruiter said as long as I am age eligible and can meet standards, the Air Force doesn't so much care about my age...
  15. standbycontact

    PAST Prep for Pararescue

    Hi SS Community, I have been invited to assess with an AFR RQS in August. The assessment consists of what looks to be a mega PAST (1500m swim, 3 mile run, etc.) and an interview with unit leaders. If a candidate excels in the PAST and the unit leaders like him, then they will send that person...
  16. P

    Dilemma between Army SF officer and Air Force CRO

    So for the past 5 years I have set my eyes on a career in special operations. I have done my research of each SOF unit and I have come to find that I am most interested in either Army SF(18A) or Air Force CRO. Between those two, I have the strongest passion to become a CRO but when comparing the...
  17. J

    Closed circuit for PJs

    Apparently now, we will have closed circuit diving as a part of the pipeline. Next dive class being the first class to receive. For the cones that have already completed dive, from my understanding, we will be sent back for closed circuit before the end of the pipeline. Super exciting stuff...
  18. J


    Hello, I'll say my name is John Doe and I'm currently a PJ student in the middle of his pipeline. I'll be using the site for information gathering, as to misc questions I have about as to what operational life will look like, and answering any questions (if I happen to find any) about the...
  19. standbycontact

    34yo hoping for SOF option(s)

    Hello SS community. I'm a 34yo SSgt in the USMCR and am researching options to go SF through any branch that has openings for a prior service guy. PFT 283, CFT 300, Expert Rifle, Expert Pistol, Advanced Swim Qual, 12 mile ruck in 2:58. Here are the cliffs notes: A lot of the options people talk...
  20. Rpayne


    Good Evening All, I'll make this short: I'm 17 currently in the enlisting process to get a PJ contract. I was a former Civil Air Patrol cadet that attended both the basic and advanced PJ/SERE orientation course, hosted by the 48th RQS. Having attended those courses, I believe I have a good...