1. July

    AIRR Rates

    The Navy advertises AIRR as a “Special Operations” position, but from what I read online, it looks like only the AWS rate has an occasional SOF mission set. Can anyone offer some insight on this? My recruiter told me there’s 2 AIRR rates that are available to reservists, and if it is a SOF...
  2. L

    Recon Reserve Unit - How to Proceed

    Hello and much respect to all. I appreciate any help/advice I can gather on this forum (I have reviewed many similar threads and have already gained a lot of great info). I am very interested in learning more about an 0321 reserves contract but am not sure of who to contact as I live in Akron...
  3. D

    Can someone connect me with 4th Force Recon Detachment in Hawaii?

    I am moving to Hawaii soon and will likely start an master's degree program in September. I am interested in joining the 4th Force Recon detachment down there. I was wondering if someone could connect me with the right POC down there to get more information about the process. Thanks!
  4. standbycontact

    34yo hoping for SOF option(s)

    Hello SS community. I'm a 34yo SSgt in the USMCR and am researching options to go SF through any branch that has openings for a prior service guy. PFT 283, CFT 300, Expert Rifle, Expert Pistol, Advanced Swim Qual, 12 mile ruck in 2:58. Here are the cliffs notes: A lot of the options people talk...